David Best and I shared lunch at Nena’s Mexican Resaaurant, and the food was so good that it inspired us to take a trip to the County Assessor’s office. Below is a note from David  filled with great ideas and interesting observations inspired by the right combination of sunshine, tacos and topo maps! Jeremy



January 14, 2009


I had lunch with Jeremy at Nena’s Restaurant on Waterloo Road, (which is a great place for delicious Mexican food) and we were talking about ideas for the Calaveras River. Jeremy thinks it would be fun to have a ‘Stakeholders Picnic’ this Spring, and invite every landowner who has property along the river. I thought it would be fun to make it a steak BBQ for the ‘stakeholders’. Or whatever…

We went to the county Assessor’s office to see what information is available. They have about 150 bound binders with all the information we need to compile a list of every property owner along the river. This might be a good project for someone.

While we were there a very enthusiastic guy named Jerrett Spurgeon told us about GIS: http://www.gis.com/ which has amazingly detailed maps that could be used by FLCR for any future projects we plan (photographing the river, access, studies, etc.)

When I got home I checked the San Joaquin website to see how easy it is to identify the parcel numbers of landowners. It’s pretty cool and I played around with several maps, which zoom into the property information, all along the river to the county line. This website is: http://www.sjmap.org/website/asrpdf.

Then, for fun, I went to Google Maps and did a 10 minute aerial tour of the entire Calaveras River. What is amazing is to go to different parts of the river and toggle between the map/terrain/satellite view of a section. You can see where you are by the street names, as well as an exact view from above. It’s a great way to see exactly where the river runs, all the way to its source.

– David Best