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Thirst for news                                                                                                                     

Two wells of water news today. When is there a day WITHOUT water news?

• The feds upped allocations for south San Joaquin Valley farms, though folks on the westside are still looking dry. Read on from AP:

“FRESNO, Calif. (AP) – Many farmers, cities and industries in California that buy water from the federal government can expect to get a little more this summer.

The Bureau of Reclamation says recent storms will allow them to boost the amount of water shipped to customers north of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

But farmers on the San Joaquin Valley’s parched west side still will get none of their federal water allotments this year. The cutbacks have already led to jobs losses, fallowed fields and water rationing. …

February rain and snow storms boosted reservoirs and brought the Sierra Nevada snowpack to about 90 percent of normal.

Still, state officials warn California remains in a dangerous drought. Water also must be reserved for fish in the fragile delta ecosystem. ”


• The state released the final version of its Delta Risk Management Strategy report, determining a 50 percent chance that 20 islands in the Delta would flood after a 6.7-magnitude quake, which the U.S.G.S. has said is coming sooner or later.

Delta locals tend to feel the state overestimates the levee risk, making the situation seem more dire than it is, thus justifying Delta “improvements” like a peripheral canal.

Read the report for yourself, if you dare. It’s massive