Hi Everyone,

 Just wanted to update you on the coming events at the Nature Center:

 We have Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla of ‘Restore the Delta’ coming to speak on April 17th to discuss the plight of the Delta and what can be done to help save it.

 The Twined Tule Basketry class will be the following day, the 18th, with Lucy Parker teaching us the techniques of native basketry.

On the following Saturday, the 25th, is the “BugFest”, an all day family adventure into the fascinating world of insects and other arthropods.

For May we have Linda Voorheis of Manteca Unified coming to talk on the 15th about the Miwok and Yokuts people that lived and flourished in our region prior to European settlement of the area.

 And we are planning another Star Party for the 30th.

 So I hope you will plan to attend as many of the events as possible and show your support to the guest speakers and the Nature Center. There is more information in the attached flyers or call us at the Nature Center, 953-8814.


James Rexroth, Nature Center Coordinator, Oak Grove Nature Center

Phone: (209) 953-8814                                             Website: www.mgzoo.com

Email: jrexroth@sjgov.org