On April 16, Conservation International and National Geographic’s Great Turtle Race hits the open ocean. This year, eleven leatherback sea turtles will be racing from Canada’s Atlantic coast to the beaches of the Caribbean. Don’t miss out on the action.

Here are a few exciting details about the upcoming race: – All 11 turtles are tagged with a satellite-tracking device that will allow you to follow them, in real-time. – U.S. Olympic swimmers Amanda Beard, Janet Evans, Jason Lezak, and Eric Shanteau will “coach” our competitors and post notes of encouragement to the turtles throughout the race. – Rock bands REM and Pearl Jam have jumped on the turtle bandwagon. Both bands have picked their early favorites.”


¬†National Georgaphic’s site: http://www.greatturtlerace.com/

Conservation International’s site: http://getinvolved.conservation.org/site/PageServer?pagename=turtlerace2009

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