Community Workshop #2: VISION 2030

San Joaquin County is updating the 2010 General Plan to effectively guide the County and residents through the challenges and opportunities we’ll be facing over the next 20 years.  The current General Plan was adopted in 1992.  Times have changed and we need a plan that reflects these changes.  Your input is needed!   

  • Where should development occur?
  • How should your community grow or be preserved?
  •  What sectors of our economy should we grow?
  • What are our infrastructure needs and standards? 
  • How can transportation and movement throughout the County be improved?
  • How can the County promote healthy communities and residents?
  • What is the County’s role in the long-term success of the agricultural industry?
  • How do we protect and manage our water and open space resources?
  • Can we make a constructive difference to address climate change?

There are many other questions that are relevant and need to be considered in this decision-making process. We urge everyone to participate and help develop a vision and guiding principles that will shape the future of our County. The Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, and the Community Development Department want you to be involved so the General Plan reflects the collective wisdom of our communities and residents.


The County will be holding 14 Community Workshops throughout the County during the months of August and September. For information on dates, locations, and times click here.


Please forward this message to your friends and neighbors!