Indybay Central Valley Newswire

by Dan Bacher
Wednesday Oct 21st

Donald Koch, the director of the Department of Fish and Game for 18 months, sent his letter of resignation to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today.

He said that his decision to resign is “unrelated” to his duties as director, but Koch had recently acquired the reputation for impersonating the “invisible man” for his refusal of requests from reporters for information on the state’s trout hatchery program.

“It is with regret that I tender my resignation as the Director of the Department of Fish Game (sic), effective November 1, 2009,” said Koch. “My decison is unrelated to my duties regarding the State’s cherished fish and wildlife resources.”

In informing the Governor of his resignation, Koch praised Schwarzenegger for his “leadership” regarding the development of a draft settlement agreement on the Klamath and for taking “immediate action” on climate change…

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