A new draft agreement from both developed and developing countries might prove the key to combating climate change

By David Biello , Scientific American, 12/18/2009

COPENHAGEN—The U.S., China, India and South Africa form the core of a growing group of nations that have agreed upon a commitment to combat climate change, concluding a grueling two weeks of negotiations in the Danish capital here as part of the United Nations’ climate summit. The so-called “Copenhagen Accord” will not be legally binding but will list in annexed documents, for the first time, commitments from both developed and developing countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

“We’re going to set a mitigation target to limit warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius,” said President Barack Obama in a press briefing. “Transparency, mitigation and finance that the U.S. and our partners embraced here in Copenhagen is a new consensus, a consensus that will serve as the foundation of global action.”

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