Thought this might be a relevant story, especially considering the immense problem arundo poses to the Calaveras River waterways…

– Jeremy

Man vs. cane fight in Santa Ana River

By DAVID KECK Special to The Press-Enterprise

Riverside County has added a private agency in its fight against an old invader. The Board of Supervisors approved a $168,000 annual contract to hire Natures Image Inc. to remove arundo, a cane plant, from the Santa Ana River bottom, according to county documents.

The Lake Forest-based company will replace removal efforts now performed by the Riverside County Regional Park & Open-Space District.

The idea is to see how Natures Image works out over the next year, and then renew the contract for four more years at a cost of just more than $96,000 a year, Scott Bangle, general manager of the park and open-space district said Wednesday…

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