by Dan Bacher
Wednesday Jan 6th, 2010 5:43 PM


In bad news for fishermen and all those that care about salmon, the Central Valley fall-run salmon counts are down and appear to be headed to another all time low. “State water mismanagement continues to spiral the populations downward,” said Dick Pool, administrator of Water for Fish.

In 2008, a record low of only 66,000 fall-run fish returned to the Sacramento, American, Feather and Yuba rivers and other Sacramento Valley rivers. The minimum escapement for long term sustainability of these fish is 122,000 and the fall 2009 run could be as low as 60,000 fish, according to Pool.

In the coming weeks, state and federal fishery biologists will be compiling the statistics on the 2009 fall run, the result of carcass counts on the rivers and hatchery returns. While salmon numbers were up from 2008 at the Nimbus, Feather River and Mokelumne River fish hatcheries, they were down 60 percent from last year’s dismal run at Coleman National Fish Hatchery on the Sacramento River…

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