by Dan Bacher,

Sunday Jan 10th

The article, “USDA Data Dispels Myth that West Side Growers Feed the Nation,” elicited both cheers and jeers, including these two completely different responses from Mike Fitzgerald of the Stockton Record and and Mike Wade of the Farm Water Coalition.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to kick off the New Year, submitted his proposed budget for 2010-11 on January 8. Schwarzenegger claimed that the eviscerated budget “closes a $19.9 billion gap over the next 18 months between revenues and projected state expenditures by streamlining government, reducing costs and reforming our relationship with the federal government.” Schwarzenegger also declared a fiscal emergency and immediately called the legislature into a focused special session to prevent the shortfall from growing and to avoid further cuts.

However, while the Governor is proposing to reduce already slashed state government services, he campaigned for the peripheral canal and dams boondoggle during his State of the State Address. The water bond is $11.1 billion – and it will cost an estimated $23 billion to $53.8 billion to construct a peripheral canal/tunnel to send subsidized water to corporate agribusiness and southern California. How can he possibly campaign for a project that most Californians don’t want and will indebt the state’s residents for generations to come while he slashes the budgets for teachers, state parks and health care for children and the salaries of state workers?

Just as insanely, the Governor continues to fast track a corrupt Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative that costs the state $35 million per year while the State Game Wardens Associations says the state doesn’t have enough game wardens to patrol and monitor the marine reserves that have been railroaded over Central Coast cities and communities…

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