Is Schwarzenegger’s Big Drought Over?

Governor Directs State Agencies to Prepare for Winter Storms

by Dan Bacher

For the past two years, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has constantly promoted the agribusiness claim that California is in a “catastrophic drought.” In reality, 2007, 2008 and 2009 were below-normal water years, but nothing like the drought years of 1975-77 or 1989-92.

“California’s ‘drought’ is overblown. The alarmists calling it a historic disaster are trying to pull a fast one,” columnist MIchael Fitzgerald wrote in an article in the Stockton Record (

Schwarzenegger has relentlessly pushed a “gloom and doom” drought scenario at press conferences and photo opportunities to campaign for the construction of the peripheral canal and more dams, even though the canal and the proposed Temperance Flat and Sites reservoirs won’t create any “new water” in a state where water has already been dramatically over-committed…

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