FLCR’s own Jim Marsh wrote the following Letter to the Editor, published in the Record on March 17, 2010


We must care for our water

The Feb. 24 Record article “Fish find spawns debate” was interesting, but I’d submit that the guiltiest among those most responsible weren’t even mentioned.

Kevin Kauffman maintaining that “the Calaveras River can’t support the type of flows (fish experts) think it needs” is probably dead-on accurate. In fact, he and the Stockton East Water District board are basically just doing the job they are mandated to do – providing a reliable source of water for east county farming interests and Stockton residents.

The majority of farmers in our county are excellent water stewards. There is much we could learn from them.

I wonder just how far short SEWD would estimate Calaveras flows fall from a level that would support ag plus residents plus fish. How much would each SEWD water user – other than ag – need to conserve to help close that gap? Were city residents educated and strongly motivated to become better water stewards, might there be a real hope of reaching a sustainable flow beneficial to all?

Eldridge Cleaver said it well: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. And I’ll bet he’d agree – when it comes to this fish story – with Pogo Possum: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”