Special thanks to the  FLCR members that attended these public scoping meetings in Valley Springs and beyond to let the Board of Supervisors know that SMART GROWTH is good for the Calaveras River!  – Jeremy

Supervisors Decide Against Sprawl for Calaveras County

At an April 20 combined session of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission, the Supervisors decided against residential sprawl.

By approving the map associated with Alternatives B & C as detailed in the Alternatives Report (see the April 2010 CAP/CPC Newsletter for an explanation of the Alternatives), Supervisors have indicated that the land use policies in the General Plan update will encourage future growth in existing community centers.

This policy change reflects a departure from the way Calaveras County has approached growth in the past. Before the collapse of the housing bubble, the sundry pressures to approve farflung residential projects often proved too great for the Supervisors to resist. These and other planning failures have contributed to an overall infrastructure deficit in Calaveras County that is today estimated to approach one billion dollars. Inadequate roads, unsafe bridges, water and wastewater facilities operating at or beyond capacity, and a public safety net that must respond over an increasingly vast area with diminishing resources – all are a legacy of the poor planning decisions made in the last 25 years.

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