Tryon, Tofanelli and Spellman now represent the majority vote for land use policy in Calaveras County, and this can only mean bad news for the Calaveras River.  I fear that if they have their way, the headwaters of Cosgrove Creek, the main tributary to the Calaveras River, might be paved over for the sale of a strip mall or the likes.  Supervisor  Tofanelli catered to special interest and played an integral part in wasting tax payer money to railroad Calaveras COG’s attempt to create”… a more compact, walkable Valley Springs that would keep down costs for roads and reduce air pollution.”

What makes truly sad is that this old school way of doing things will only lead us down the same old path of lawsuits, etc., instead of getting everyone at the table to make smart planning decisions. [Sigh…]

– Jeremy

Combative start for new Lode lawmaker

By: Dana Nichols, Record

SAN ANDREAS – Newly seated Calaveras County Supervisor Darren Spellman wore hip waders to his first board meeting Tuesday.

The visual gag was a reminder that Spellman won election by riding a wave of voter distrust of government, including county government. But Spellman proved he wasn’t simply joking by immediately demonstrating that he and Supervisors Tom Tryon and Gary Tofanelli will form a new board majority on some issues related to transportation and land use.

They did that by removing Supervisor Merita Callaway from the Calaveras Council of Governments board and replacing her with Tofanelli. The Council of Governments is the county’s transportation planning agency and has representatives from the Angels Camp City Council as well as some at-large representatives.

The vote was 3-2 with Callaway and Supervisor Steve Wilensky opposed.

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