I have to admit, quite frankly, that I am just plain tired of the LIES by South Valley special interests.  Hunger IS a serious issue in the Central Valley, and people ARE out of work in Mendota, yet the biggest economic hit in the Central Valley is from the collapse of the construction industry

The numbers are clear: According to the State of California Employment Development Department, from 2003 -2009 employment in the Central Valley’s agricultural sector actually GREW by 2%, while construction jobs dropped by 4%!

South Valley special interests will continue to propagate misinformation and continue trying to exonerate their greedy cause for more water to irrigate infertile, selenium laced land while manipulating hard-working, under-served immigrant communities!

– Jeremy


Reason.tv: Delta Smelt and Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing California’s Central Valley

California’s Central Valley is a 450 mile long stretch of flat and fertile land that produces much of the food that we enjoy every day. But the people in small towns like Mendota (the cantaloupe capital of the world) are suffering these days, in part due to two federal policies.

In order to protect a threatened fish species called the Delta Smelt, much of the water that used to be pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to farms on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley is now allowed to flow into the ocean. The result is predictable: hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land lies fallow and tens of thousands of jobs have been lost. In Mendota, the unemployment rate is over 40% and food lines are the norm.


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