SAN ANDREAS – A divided Calaveras County Planning Commission on Thursday narrowly voted against making golf courses legal on agricultural land.

The commission’s vote now goes as a recommendation to the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, but there is no date yet for when it will be on their agenda.

But before county supervisors consider it, the commission’s reluctance to endorse the idea will likely figure in the bankruptcy proceedings for Trinitas, a golf course south of Wallace that was built illegally in an agricultural preserve. Trinitas will be back in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Modesto on Wednesday. The judge in the case has delayed several actions – including possibly allowing a bank to liquidate Trinitas – in the hopes that the proposed zoning amendment would win quick approval and offer a way to legalize Trinitas and resolve lawsuits against the county filed by Trinitas owners Mike and Michelle Nemee.

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The group Keep It Rural Calaveras also informs us that “The Trinitas golf course was built on 95 acres of historical grazing pasture on designated Natural Resources Land, zoned Agricultural Preserve, while under Williamson Act Contract – none of which recognize golf courses as a permitted use.”

– Jeremy