The most endangered river in the United States is at risk from natural gas development and the hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for the second year running, according the American Rivers annual list of the country’s 10 most endangered rivers, released today.

The clean rivers advocacy group placed the Susquehanna River at the top of this year’s list, citing the rush to develop natural gas reserves in the region without considering the risk to clean water and public health. Last year’s most endangered river was the Upper Delaware, also threatened by natural gas extraction.

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Here’s a top 10 list of most Endangered Rivers, according to “American Rivers”:

  1. Susquehanna River (NY, PA, MD) / Threat: Natural gas extraction
  2. Bristol Bay (AK) / Threat: Massive copper and gold mine
  3. Roanoke River (VA, NC) / Threat: Uranium mining
  4. Chicago River (IL) / Threat: Sewage pollution
  5. Yuba River (CA) / Threat: Hydropower dams
  6. Green River (WA) / Threat: Exploratory drilling and mine development
  7. Hoback River (WY) / Threat: Natural gas extraction
  8. Black Warrior River (AL) / Threat: Coal mining
  9. St. Croix River (MN, WI) / Threat: Rollback of longstanding protections
  10. Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO) / Threat: Overuse and poor management