More great work from our very own Dr. Dirt. This just in from Kohl Open School:

This year Dez’s class got to do a big presentation called “Reptile-mania and Amphibians too!” with Dr. Dirt and three of his colleagues. The scientists who were there to help us out in presenting the information to the rest of the school included an entomologist, a herpetologist, a mammalogist, and a zoologist/civil engineer. We called them our live Dr. Googles. Our presentations were about snakes, lizards, a newt, a skink, and a salamander that live in our area of California. Dr. Dirt brought the live animals for all of the Kohl students to hold, touch, and observe.

To get ready to do these presentations, each 5th grader in Dez’s class got to do some research about the amphibian or reptile they chose. “It was very fun learning about our fascinating animals,” said Isabelle. We researched facts about their habitat, diet, life cycles, and predators. We used a trifold to display all the facts about our reptile or amphibian. We presented the information 36 times as the different classes and groups rotated around the cafeteria looking at the twelve animals on display. By the end of the day, we were worn out, but felt that we had become pretty close to experts!

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