On Saturday, June 4th,  David  Yee – expert birder and friend of Waldo Holt – led a Riverwalk on the Darrah property near Waldo’s island.

Despite the stormy weather, a good crowd turned out, and we were all surprised by the quantity and variety of birds we saw – including some late Spring visitors from Central America.

Just as we began the walk, a huge Swainson’s Hawk circled above the group, and was later observed soaring high above with a small rodent in its claws!

For those of you that missed the walk, here’s a list of the birds (common names) we spotted during the walk:

Rock Pigeon
Cliff Swallow
Barn Swallow
Scrub Jay
House Finch
Black Phoebe
Morning Dove
White-throated swift
Olive-sided flycatcher
Lazuliu Bunting
Wilson's whirbler
Western Woodpeewee
Bush Tit
Swenson's Hawk
American Goldfinch
Cooper's Hawk
Am Robin
House Sparrow

Special thanks to David, and we look forward to next year’s Waldo Holt Memorial Birding Walk!