January 2012

The Board of the Waldo Holt Conservancy recently voted to give $2,000 to help FLCR scale-up their Riverwalk program, river cleanups, and other activities planned for 2012!

FLCR is very grateful to the Conservancy for their donation, and will make good use of it to get more poeple outdoors learning about the river that is the lifeblood of our community.

The Waldo Holt Conservancy is a small group of county residents who came together in the summer of 2007 with the shared concern that we need to start protecting the many wild places where wild animals and native plants still thrive. Ironically, many of those moving into new subdivisions here do so partly because of the beautiful river-delta, grassland and habitat friendly farmland we hope to preserve.

Their mission is to preserve habitat land in San Joaquin County for wild birds, fish, animals and plants.

Three cheers for Waldo!


Baby steelhead swimming down the San Joaquin River might have a better chance of reaching the ocean this spring, after state and federal agencies agreed to install a rock barrier at the head of Old River, near Lathrop.

Typically, fish heading down the San Joaquin toward Stockton make a left turn into Old River, which draws them into the south Delta and perilously close to enormous pumps that send water to distant reaches of California.

The rock barrier will keep those fish in the San Joaquin, hopefully steering them away from the pumps.


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