One of the latest ideas FLCR Coordinator Jeremy Terhune is exploring  with the community is the concept of  forming  a Calaveras River Parkway Trust.

The Calaveras River watershed begins at California Big Trees State Park. The upper reaches are mostly on private land; the river is dramatically altered as it passes Bellota Wei and Stockton and eventually reaches the San Joaquin River.The Calaveras River may look like nothing more than an irrigation ditch as it passes through underserved neighborhoods in Stockton, but it is a vitally important waterway for farmers, residential and recreational users and wildlife.

From Calaveras County to San Joaquin County, the Calaveras River there are myriad opportunities to enhance native riparian vegetation and provide public access  to educate community members of all ages about the Calaveras River and the natural values of the historic riparian corridor.

University of the Pacific, Friends of the Calaveras River, and River Partners have received $40,000 in funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to kick-start restoration efforts with a 3 acre native grass restoration Project along the banks of the Calaveras in the heart of the City of Stockton.

Developing a series of parkway from Stockton to Big Trees will provide a much needed opportunity for families and youth to get outdoors, improve their health, and learn about the River!

A Vision for the Calaveras River Parkway Trust

To engage a wide network of public, private, and  partners to develop safe places along Calaveras River Watershed where wildlife thrives and    families and individuals can relax, recreate, and enjoy the beauty of nature.