This gadget could be something fun and simple to use as an educational tool with kids,  and could help take citizen science to another level!

– Jeremy

For years, scientists have talked about putting sensors into cell phones to be able to collect environmental data on everything from air pollution levels to radiation levels. The collection of sensors placed all over would round up data that stationary sensors just can’t get. However, actually getting sensors into cell phones is a bit harder — even if you want one in your own phone to sense environmental data for yourself, it’s not so easy. At least not until now.

Sensordrone is a Kickstarter project that has already received nearly double its funding goal, sitting at $41,000 with 38 days left to keep fundraising. It’s clear that there is a serious interest in the ability to sense environmental data in your own environment. And this tool can sense so many things, including gasses, temperatures, humidity and more.