For thousands of years, so many of the good things in the San Joaquin Valley have come from the San Joaquin River – it’s history, a sense of community, a connection to nature, and an economy. Let your elected officials know that you want this great river to be there for future generations.

The “I’m For the River” campaign is a collaborative effort to increase awareness of, and support for, the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, and encourage people to contact elected officials and speak up for the river.

“The restoration of this river will do much more than just bring back salmon and provide water for agriculture,” says Meghan Hertel, the San Joaquin River Project Manager for Audubon California, “It will also provide our families a place to play and connect with nature, wildlife a place to nest and feed, flood protection for our communities, jobs related to restoration and recreation, and much more. It’s for all these reasons that ‘We’re for the River.’”