Hey everyone,

You may (or may not) have heard that FLCR has officially moved to a brand new location!

235 N. San Joaquin Street, site of a new community co-op in downtown Stockton, is our new home. Community Assistance Foundation for Empowerment (CAFE for short) is acting as the umbrella organization working toward bringing together community and environmental advocacy groups and local artists all under one roof.

CAFE recently held an opening night fundraising event, Supper Club, showcasing the new building, its participating organizations and featuring a myriad of paintings, mixed media, pottery and other art on display for the public to browse. Cocktails, dinner and live music were also among the night’s attractions.

Hopefully the establishment of the co-op will help to spread the word that Stockton has a population of citizens who are not only concerned about our community and surrounding environment, but are actively taking progressive measures to directly improve the quality of life for everyone (including important natural systems, like the Calaveras River).

You can find the FLCR office right up front when you walk in the front entrance. We hope to create a unique and comfortable work space where all our members will be welcome to stop by to share thoughts and ideas, ask questions, get a little reading done (hoping to create a water friendly library!) and get a little work done.

Please drop by to visit our new digs and even take a look at our very own Stella Steelhead, a larger than life paper mache replica of the Calaveras River’s beloved steelhead trout.

We’ll keep the door open for you!

Delicate paper lanterns provided soft light for viewing local artists’ pieces at our new building’s recent Supper Club event.