Project asking S.J. residents to serve as voice of Calaveras

 Alex Breitler, Record

A river is full of great stories. It just needs someone to tell them.

And as it turns out, anyone can.

From their studio in a new downtown Stockton arts co-op, two San Joaquin County natives who were only vaguely aware of the Calaveras River when they grew up are now preparing to introduce it to the world in a video documentary.

And they want your stories about the stream.

The documentary by Chris Spatola and Brooke Jacinto may be remarkable in a number of ways.

It seeks to put a face on the Calaveras – a river, after all, is about more than water and politics. It’s about the old man whose fish stories get bigger as the years pass. It’s about the river rats who live on hidden islands, and the moms and dads who push strollers along the levees.

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Got a story?

Calaveras River filmmakers Chris Spatola and Brooke Jacinto are looking for people to share their stories about the stream. Call (209) 631-6315 or (209) 327-9039, or email or