By: Carol Ornelas

The Sept. 1 opinion piece from John Beckman of the Building Industry Association, “Small, vocal group in S.J. seeks fewer single-family homes,” misrepresents the growth in the San Joaquin Valley and how we can turn our region around after one of the worst economic recessions in our history.

We should be seeking lessons from this recession and asking ourselves, “Why was the San Joaquin Valley the No. 1 region for foreclosures in the nation?” The Valley is changing. We cannot continue to grow in the same fashion as we did before.

With all due respect, Beckman’s assessment for continued single-family housing is short-sighted. Shame on all of us if we did not learn from the housing crisis that we are still recovering from. Do we want to do this again? I would hope not. Not one person can say they were not affected by the housing fiasco that created the temporary demise of our economy.

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