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The Lower Calaveras River runs through under-served neighborhoods in Stockton; it is vital to farmers, residential and recreational water users.

•It provides critical habitat to threatened fish and wildlife, including threatened Fall Run Chinook Salmon and steelhead.

• Carcass surveys in 2005 and 2006 indicated that 87- 95% of the salmon did not make it to good spawning habitat above Bellota Weir:

2005 total run estimate: 1,150

2006 total run estimate 102

2007 total run estimate: 0

• The Calaveras River is entirely rain fed (no snow melt).

• New Hogan Reservoir, encompassing about 115,000 acres, receives up to 90,000 acre feet of surface water supply from the upper Calaveras and controls water flow on the Lower Calaveras River.

• The four main tributaries below New Hogan Dam are: South Gulch, Indian Creek, Duck Creek and Cosgrove Creek; Cosgrove contributes the most run-off, as much as 8,500 ace feet in some years.

The Friends of the Lower Calaveras River (FLCR) …

• Was formed in 2007 by 30 concerned citizens, and now boasts over 400 members.

• Has 11 partners from local conservation organizations, county and federal agencies.

• Focuses on one of the most dramatically altered, rain fed rivers in California.

• Sponsors 3 annual river clean-up events with over 600 community members taking part.

• Sponsors monthly Riverwalk events, free of charge to the public, for community members to learn about various aspects of the Calaveras River watershed.

• Represents an important part of the overall effort to restore the Lower Calaveras River for the benefit of all -people, fish, and wildlife – who use the river, and to connect the communities in Stockton to this natural area.


Courtesy of Laura Stengel

Courtesy of Laura Stengel


9 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

    1. naaym Says:

      i love your site. keep it up!

  2. I would like to invite your group to attend a forum: Our Delta Water, taking place in Antioch, CA and sponsored by the Leagues of Women Voters of Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties. If you can send me an email address, I will send you the flyer which has all the detail.

    Sincerely, Linda Soliven

  3. Kelly King Says:


    I picked up a pamphlet today. Would like to be a member. Are there going to be any clean up days? How can I get more involved?


    1. jterhune Says:

      HI Kelly,

      We are having a river cleanup for Coastal Cleanup Day, Saturday Sept. 25, 9 AM, @ A.A. Stagg High School.

      Just show up and we’ll register you there…!



  4. […] band together to help revive the river, forming a dedicated group of river keepers known as the Friends of the Lower Calaveras River (FLCR ). Since then, FLCR has grown to more than 550 members and is supported by 11 local agencies […]

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