Courtesy of Kari Burr, Fishery Foundation

Courtesy of Kari Burr, Fishery Foundation


 If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of the Lower Calaveras River, please send an e-mail to Jeremy Terhune:

Please do not hestistae to Jeremy with any questions or suggestions:

Mailing Address:

4555 Pesrhing Avenue #33-373

Stockton, CA 95207

Telephone: (209) 922-8215

One Response to “Become a Member”

  1. Jim Marsh Says:

    Don’t know much about the Delta Smelt…but I’m learning.

    Once again–last Saturday–I spent the day with a bunch of other students at water school.

    This time it was The Restore the Delta folks ( putting on a lively and informative show they called: “A Bold Direction; The People’s Vision of the Delta”.

    About 250 people’s vision was clarified. Way more than anticipated, organizers said.

    Among the thirty plus presenters current state legislator Lois Wolk spoke eloquently. She emphasizes the critical need to help everyone–locals and outsiders alike–to see The Delta as “a place”. This in much the way Friends of the Lower Calaveras is doing for that river…or was once long ago done on behalf of Yellowstone…of The Grand Canyon…of Yosemite Valley…

    Hetch-Hetchy Valley–despite John Muir’s valiant efforts–forteited “placehood” in the face of an attack similar to the one currently being re-mounted in The Delta.

    Former legislator Mike Machado and a host of other local experts, commentators, attorneys and political activists made one message abundantly clear:

    The Schwarzenegger administration has its sights set on The Peripheral Canal as it’s legacy. Choose any one of the various canal/pipeline schemes–all suffer from the fundamental flaw that the State Department of Water Resources has always promised more water than is available from the Delta (the largest estuary system, by the way, on the west coasts of both North and South America). DWR currently has about 40 times more volume promised in permits issued than could ever be delivered–drought or not.

    By declaring the drought emergency condition this week the governor continues lining up his rubber duckies for an end around on environmental protections, existing regulations and common sense that will expedite approval–without citizen input–of some sort of “alternate conveyance system” for Delta outflow water.

    The Peripheral Canal was, when first proposed–and still is–the ultimate nightmare scenario for The Delta watershed system and communities.

    Contact your legislators. Express your opposition in no uncertain terms.

    Need help? Restore the Delta has a five point campaign platform document available to help you focus your opposition letters and emails. Visit their site for contact information and a copy.

    And while you are at it…talk to people who don’t know The Delta. Show them pictures, tell them about Locke or The Ryde Hotel or Grand Island Mansion or the Pear Festival at Courtland or The Crawdad Festival at Isleton or The Bass Derby in Rio Vista or Stockton’s Asparagus Festival or Foster’s Big Horn or the Humphrey the Whale Monument or the Sandhill Cranes or favorite fishing spots or prime bird watching spots or The Delta King or duck hunting hot spots or meditation spots or boating spots or simply beautiful spots in The Delta.

    If we fail to speak up now we will come to understand The Terminator for what he really is.

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