The mission of the Friends of the Lower Calaveras River is to advocate for the sustainable management of the resources and the conditions in the watershed of the Calaveras River.

Our vision is to make the Calaveras River a healthy ecosystem for plants, people and wildlife.

Our objectives are:

  • To increase public awareness and education of the Calaveras River
  • To motivate  people to act on the river’s behalf.
  • To support restoration efforts that improve fish passage and riparian habitat.
  • To encourage collaboration among local, state and federal agencies in the management of the watershed.
  • To secure flows of water in the Calaveras River that support a healthy ecosystem.

2 Responses to “Mission”

  1. Jim Marsh Says:

    Elsewhere on this site I read with interest David Best’s comments re: maps and property ownership rolls along The Lower Calaveras river. He and I share an interest in this and, it looks, have pursued it independently but similarly…from walking and photographing the river to looking at maps and investigating who lives along it.

    This raises a further pertinent question…along with strolling along and photographing the river for my Limning the Lower Calaveras project I’ve been enjoying putting together an aerial map (thanks Google!) for my own reference and to share with anyone who is interested. I’ve also referred–in conversations lately–to “the watershed of the Lower Calaveras” but I can’t honestly say I could accurately identify it’s true geographic extent.

    Does anyone know…are the “boundaries” of the Lower Calaveras watershed already clearly mapped somewhere? One would think they could be inferred by looking carefully at topo maps but that’s likely to be a pretty tedious undertaking.

    It is one thing know and follow the course of the river–as it currently does/does not exist. The actual extent of the watershed is another matter which brings into play as additional set of concerns.

    Googling “Lower Calaveras watershed boundaries” turns up many references to it but–so far–no actual map.

  2. Jim Marsh Says:

    Nice map! Thanks.

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