Jim  MarshSONORA – Retired Lincoln Unified School District teacher Jim Marsh has been named a 2013 Artist in the Woods for the Stanislaus National Forest.

That means that fans of Marsh and his multimedia creations will have a chance to join in the fun on Sept. 14 when Marsh holds a workshop in Hermit Valley on Highway 4 east of Bear Valley.

The honor was announced Thursday by Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Susan Skalski. As a result, Marsh will stay in a cabin in the Calaveras Ranger District for two weeks through mid-September.

During that time, he is asked to create an original piece of work representative of his stay and to conduct a public workshop. Marsh is a musician, sketch artist, photographer and multimedia designer. He is also a member of an acoustic trio, Mom’s Chili Boys.

Marsh is known for his public art creations. In 2011, he and a team of students crafted larger-than-life fish sculptures that were part of the Stockton Steelhead Festival.

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Photo courtesy of Michael McCollum/The Record

About 300 people picked up trash Sunday morning along the Calaveras River, despite temperatures that started as low as 39 degrees.

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FLCR needs your help this Saturday for a native grass planting event on the banks of the Calaveras River!


The event is free to attend and open to everyone, adults and kids alike. Participants should dress appropriately and be comfortable with raking and bending over to plant grass plugs. Gloves are recommended and can be provided to those that need them.

WHAT: Native grass planting event on the banks of the Calaveras River

WHERE: Those interested in assisting with planting should meet at University of the Pacific’s footbridge overlooking the Calaveras River – near DeRosa University Center. The event is free to attend and open to everyone, adults and kids alike.

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, 2012: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Alex Breitler, The Record

The man who kept water flowing to Stockton homes and businesses for the past 13 years has announced his retirement.

Kevin Kauffman, the 57-year-old general manager of the Stockton East Water District, said he will start his own consulting business out of his Stockton home – something he’s dreamed of for more than a decade.

And anyway, it’s time for a change at the district, he said.

“We’ve had some good accomplishments, the district is on a good track, and now we really need to bring new blood in here,” Kauffman said.


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L.A. River Now Officially a River, Not a Flood Channel, Says Governor Brown

By: Simone Wilson

No more jokes about how the Los Angeles River is more just a soggy trash chute than a place of nature, OK? Got it?

Because as of yesterday, according to Friends of the Los Angeles River, California Governor Jerry Brown has given his stamp of approval to SB 1201, a bill that…

… “fundamentally establishes that in the eyes of the State of California, the Los Angeles River is a river, not just a flood control channel; and must be treated that way by Los Angeles County.”

That means you, too, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

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Frankenmuffin Productions is inviting people to tell their stories of the Calaveras River for a documentary film. Here’s one they probably can’t use.

Dirk Hamilton, a first-rate singer/songwriter, lived here in the 1980s. His Calaveras story happened on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 4, 1988.

“I was walking right by Pershing and UOP on the other (north) side of the Calaveras,” recalled Hamilton, who now lives outside Dallas.

The river by University of the Pacific had dwindled to its deepest channel. In it, “I saw what looked like human form,” Hamilton said, “like a mummy, just wrapped up in some kind of tape that was gray-colored.”

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Hey everyone,

You may (or may not) have heard that FLCR has officially moved to a brand new location!

235 N. San Joaquin Street, site of a new community co-op in downtown Stockton, is our new home. Community Assistance Foundation for Empowerment (CAFE for short) is acting as the umbrella organization working toward bringing together community and environmental advocacy groups and local artists all under one roof.

CAFE recently held an opening night fundraising event, Supper Club, showcasing the new building, its participating organizations and featuring a myriad of paintings, mixed media, pottery and other art on display for the public to browse. Cocktails, dinner and live music were also among the night’s attractions.

Hopefully the establishment of the co-op will help to spread the word that Stockton has a population of citizens who are not only concerned about our community and surrounding environment, but are actively taking progressive measures to directly improve the quality of life for everyone (including important natural systems, like the Calaveras River).

You can find the FLCR office right up front when you walk in the front entrance. We hope to create a unique and comfortable work space where all our members will be welcome to stop by to share thoughts and ideas, ask questions, get a little reading done (hoping to create a water friendly library!) and get a little work done.

Please drop by to visit our new digs and even take a look at our very own Stella Steelhead, a larger than life paper mache replica of the Calaveras River’s beloved steelhead trout.

We’ll keep the door open for you!

Delicate paper lanterns provided soft light for viewing local artists’ pieces at our new building’s recent Supper Club event.

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