Saturday, July 13, 2013
10:00 AM
University of the Pacific – DeRosa Student Center @ the footbridge crossing the Lower Calaveras River

On Saturday, July 13, Friends of the Lower Calaveras River (FLCR) will host its sixth Riverwalk of 2013, free of charge to the public!

This month’s riverwalk will be a continuation of our seasonal walk series: Summer; A Guided Tour of the University of the Pacific Native Grass Restoration Site.

The walk will be led by FLCR volunteer James Marsh and Fish and Wildlife biologist Donnie Ratcliffe.

We’ll meet at the UOP Footbridge & walk the entire length of the 3-acre UOP Native Grass Restoration site from just west of the bridge to the Pacific Ave. bridge and back–about a half-mile leisurely stroll down on the flood plain. Along the way we’ll point out native and invasive species, explain efforts underway to shift the balance between them back toward the native side, witness the progress of the December 2012 plantings, view the abundant animal life & activity on the site and answer questions.

For more information, contact Riverwalk Coordinator Kristine Williams at noelaniwilliams@yahoo.com.



10 Responses to “Riverwalks”

  1. Brenda Hobbs Says:

    Hi ~

    I’m very interested in bringing my Girl Scout troop on one of your walks. Do you have the topics for future walks scheduled? If not, will you please e-mail me once you do so I can make plans with my troop?
    Thank you ~
    Brenda Hobbs
    Troop Leader

    1. jterhune Says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Our next Riverwalk would be a great event for your Girl Scout Troop to attend: on the 1st Saturday of February, we will hike the River of Skulls Nature Trail in Valley Springs. It’s a short loop, and several fishery biologists will be talking about steelhead spawning habitat, etc.

      I have added you to our contact list, so that you will reieve updates on our activities. If you’d like to get in touch, my e-mail is:



      – Jeremy

    2. jterhune Says:

      Hi Brenda,

      That would be great! We will have an annual schedule of Riverwalks by the end of August…

      Our August Riverwalk will be held at New Hogan Lake on August 21… we will be mountain biking on the north shore.



    3. jterhune Says:

      Hi Brenda, our 2011 Riverwalk schedule is now available, if you are still interested in planning to attend with your Girl Scout Troop:


      Happy New Year!

      – Jeremy

  2. Chris Says:

    Please post info about dates, time and location of the walks.

    1. jterhune Says:

      Hi Chris,

      I have updated the Riverwalk page, and will continue doing so on a monthly basis!



  3. Charlene Says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I don’t see any dates for riverwalks, only this page with the event from July 10th. Is this where you’re posting the walk schedule and there was only the one (https://riverofskulls.wordpress.com/events/), or are there others posted somewhere else?

    Warm regards,

    1. jterhune Says:

      HI Charlene,

      Just updated the page – our next Riverwalk will be a mountain bike ride at New Hogan Lake on Saturday, August 21!

      We will have a full 12 year calender for our Riverwalks posted by late August.


  4. rosie vega Says:

    well too bad i didnt make it ,no response from anyone yet, it would have been nice to know .

    1. jterhune Says:

      Sorry we missed you…. we have a Riverwalk this weekend, 10 AM, at Stockton East Water District, 10 am.



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