Our President delivers an annual State of the Union address to report on the condition of our nation and to outline his legislative agenda and national priorities to Congress.


Currently, San Joaquin County is in the slow process of updating its General Plan. Aside from rich Delta soils and amazing agricultural production, our County is host to 4 very important Rivers:

  • Calaveras River
  • San Joaquin River
  • Mokelumne River
  • Stanislaus River

To make sure that the stewardship of  these Rivers are included in our future vision for San Joaquin County and California,  propose that San Joaquin County Council of Governments host a one day symposium event, facilitated by a coalition of  non-profit organizations and government agencies.

The event would provide an opportunity for the general public, policy makers, and the media to get together and learn about the “state of our rivers”, and how we can steward them so that wildlife and people can continue benefitting from them long into the future!

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Earth Day is surely a time to celebrate the steps forward we’ve taken in the stewardship of life  on our planet… yet we still have a long way to go to halt the massive loss of biodiversity around the world!

– Jeremy


By John Mulrow | April 22, 2010

Species classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as “threatened” increased by 2.1 percent in 2009, as 365 species were added to the organization’s Red List of Threatened Species.1 Only 2 species were removed from the list.2 Since 1996, a total of 47,677 species of animals, plants, fungi, and protists (a group that includes protozoans and most algae) have been evaluated by the IUCN, and 17,291 of these are now considered threatened—a full 36 percent.

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